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Selenium Webdriver related Interview Questions asked by Prakat


January 20, 2014 by admin

Question No 1: Tell me about yourself ?

Question No 2: What is is role and responsibilities in your current company ? 

Question No 3: What is framework in selenium and in which framework currently working?

Question No 4: How your framework works and what is your role in this framework and which part you have done in this framework ?

Question No 5:  what is framework development and automation script ? and are you in framework development or automation in selenium?

Question No 6: Which selenium command you will use for copy text box data into database and that text box is hidden? oR how to get text from hidden field data in selenium webdriver?

ANS : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13047056/how-to-read-text-from-hidden-element-with-selenium-webdriver

Question No 7: How handle multiple windows using selenium webdriver? And suppose 3rd window have static window id than how will handle that window ?

Question No 7: How will select 2nd value from dropdown in selenium webdrive ?

ANS: Try using the Select Class for the second dropdown.

WebElement combo1 = driver.findElement(By.name(ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$ddlCountry));
    Select secondDrpDwn = new Select(combo1);

Question No 8: How will check 1st checkbox and second should not checked if you have 2 checkboxes? And how you will verify that 1st checkbox is selected ?

Question No 9: What XSLT reports ? and xslt reports require customization ?

Question No 10: What is POI API and how it works ?

Please follow given below link for manual testing related questions which are asked by prakat



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